Sweat dropping down your face after a 30km wild ride in a city like Hanoi or Addis Ababa is probably the best feeling you’ll ever have.

To me this is freedom. 

As a „random tourist“ you visit the most obvious places and sights. So did I, until I started to skip public transportation, put on my skates and just went right through cities all over the world.

Trust me, you will get a completely different perspective on the culture, the people and the country you visit.

The most outstanding experiences are those connected with people from other countries. With skates on your feet it’s so easy to get in touch with other people from different cultures and get some rare insider tips.

Sport is connecting the world – that’s for sure. I am blessed, that I get the chance to discover more and more places on skates and to share the content and some insider tips with you. But after all I hope I can break down mental barriers in people’s minds and alleviate the fear of the unfamiliar through my project. Help me to continue this adventure by following my stories. PS: to skate is probably one of the most sustainable ways to travel.


Once a professional speedskater skating on World Cup Level and beeing multiple austrian champion, I decided to continue my passion off ice.

Throughout my carrer I lived abroad in countries Like Latvia, Hungary and the United States. I fell in love with traveling early in my life and managed to make this passion to my profession. „Beside“ adventuring the most outstanding places on skates I am publishing my own printed sports magazine and I graduated with a Masters Degree in business administration at the university of applied sciences of Vienna.

„It is the encounters with other people, the familiar in the unfamiliar, that truly make a journey something special.“